Wet Weather Special

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This special includes a 1x 1kg Feather Shield and 1x 250gm Bluestone Putty for a limited time.


Introducing "Feather Shield" The new improved pig oil.
The original pig oil has been around for a long time for our equine friends to help treat a variety of conditions.
We at Equine Soap Co. have been tinkering for many months making and trialing a new improved, more natural version.
Ingredients include coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, sulfur and Australian tea tree oil.
Feather shield works well in slowing down the awful bog burn and mud fever we see after wet weather or if your horse favors swimming in the local dam.
The ingredients help prevent the feather from becoming brittle and breaking off, keeping the good moisture in and the mud out by creating a water repellent barrier between the horses skin and the mud. It will also help manage mites with the inclusion of sulfur.
It is easily applied, and a little goes a long way!
Instructions – after washing your feather or effected area, apply a small amount and work through the hair to the skin to apply an even coating, we apply once a week to begin with then once every 2 weeks, then as needed to maintain the area.
Always test a small area before use.

Traditional Bluestone Putty is made in Broke in the beautiful Hunter Valley, with locally sourced products.

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