Rug Wash 1lt


A natural pre-soak and wash for your dirty rugs/towels/saddle blankets/clothes.

We make this wash here in Broke, from natural ingredients that will clean your gear so easily.

It works on colours but it proves its worth on whites.

Scented with Australian Eucalyptus Essential oil.


We soak our horse rugs and saddle blankets over night in half a cup of our concentrated wash in warm water.  Drain then place in washing machine (noticing how much cleaner the rug is) add a full scoop of your normal soap powder. Warm wash. Be ready to be totally amazed how white and clean it is.


NOTE- If rugs/gear is excessively muddy we hose the bulk of it off first before soaking.

We do not recommend using in your wash machine without adding soap powder.


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